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Philips Onsite AED m5066a Heartstart hs1 defibrillator

Best selling aed on the market
Product ID: Philips HeartStart OnSite AED - M5066A or hs1

Sale! Philips Heartstart Onsite AED Package Deal with 8 year warranty & free shipping = $1479.00

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The Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator (hs1) (m5066a) is designed to enable you to help save a life in extraordinary circumstances.  The Philips Onsite AED is the only aed available over the counter without a prescription! 

Product informationPhilips HeartStart OnSite AED -  Lightweight Fully equipped at just 3.3 pounds. Intuitive Clean design and clear voice instructions instill the confidence that's needed when administering therapy to a person in cardiac arrest. Ever-Ready Powered by a long-life (4-year) disposable battery. Automated tests help ensure readiness.  It is vrsatile - Available for use on anyone of any age, including children and infants.

Included with your order:
  • Brand New m5066a Philips HeartStart OnSite aed defibrillator package including 8 year warranty
  • 1 adult SMART Pads cartridge
  • 1 Battery
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Slim Red Carrying Case (standard - larger case is extra $
  • FREE HeartStart Review Express Software
  • FREE Overview and Demonstration Video Via online link
  • FREE Ground Shipping
  • AED Check Tag
  • FREE ALL items pictured 
  • client Response Kit
  • clientMask, Razor, Gloves, Scissors, Towels
  • clientCPR Keychain(2x2)
  • clientFace Shield
  • clientAED Sign
  • clientAED Windiw Sticker

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy The Philips HeartStart Onsite AED Defibrillator

1. Simple to operate with no prescription

2. Best brand name in Philips

3. Built in self test of aed and pads and battery

4. Integrated smart pads with quick escalation

5. Visual pictures and feedback. Plus buy from us and get no tax and free shipping!


Why Choose this aed?   The Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator includes a battery, Incudes adult SMART Pads Cartridge, Quick Reference Guide and Owners Manual. the user-selected carrying case. The HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator device includes a 60-month manufacturer's warranty.  6. HS1 battery includes a 4 year warranty from time of installation. SMART Pads Cartridge warranty extends to the expiration date.  It also does not need a prescription.  So that is why is is the best choice and our top selling aed for 12 years straight!

More about this defib: Patented SMART Analysis heart rhythm assessment and SMART Biphasic defibrillation therapy, clinically proven in nearly 10 years of use. No other biphasic waveform is as well documented. Easy To Use Using the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is simple. Pulling the green handle powers -up the defibrillator and activates voice instructions. These instructions are paced to your actions, to help guide you through the entire process, from placing pads on the patient to delivering a defibrillation shock. HeartStart OnSite determines if a shock is needed, based on its automated assessment of the victim's heart rhythm: If a shock is needed, the defibrillator directs you to press the flashing orange "Shock" button. Then,HeartStart OnSite delivers a dose of low- energy biphasic therapy, a highly effective defibrillation waveform that is also gentle to the heart.


If a shock is not needed, the OnSite Defibrillator instructs you to assess the patient and to perform CPR when necessary. While performing CPR, the defibrillator's voice instructions can be activated to coach you on the frequency and depth of compressions. HeartStart OnSite also reminds you to call emergency medical services (EMS). These are so easy to use, they are the number one seller for both at home use and small water crafts, boats, and small businesses when used with a hard case. 
This is the most well known, popular and used aed in the market from homes, to schools, to businesses, boats and some sports teams.


We also own the Philips Onsite AED website http://www.philipsonsiteaed.com   Want to know the best reasons to buy a Philips Onsite AED with free shipping?