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Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 aed defibrillator

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Product ID: Part #: 99512-001262

Sale! Lifepak CR2 AED Package Physio Control / Medtronic with 8 year warranty & free shipping = $2215.00

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Buy the new Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR2 AED.  Product Part #: 99512-001262  

The LIFEPAK® CR2 combines groundbreaking technology, ease of use, and simplistic design for any layperson to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. The most technologically advanced AED on the market ideal for any rescuer. The Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR2 defibrillator combines best-in-class technology with the simplicity and portability required for use by the general public in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. It puts the advantages of advanced technology emergency medical professionals have come to trust and rely on squarely in the hands of anyone ready to save a life in the event of an SCA emergency

CR2 Features:

Wireless Connectivitiy

  • Connect your CR2 via Wi-Fi for self monitoring to ensure readiness and connects to professional caregivers


Dual Language

  • Toggles between English and Spanish when using the device

Child Mode

  • QUICK STEP pacing, ECG defibrillation electrodes can be used on adults and children
  • Child mode button lowers energy levels appropriate for young children without having to change electrodes 

8-year warranty
4-year electrodes and 4-year lithium battery
Metronome and CPR Coaching
Highest available energy (up to 360 joules)
IP55 rating


The Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 includes:

•  Physio-Control LIFPAK CR2 (Semi or Fully automatic)
•  Handle and Case option
•  QUICK-STEP adult/child pacing/ECG/defibrillation electrodes -4year
•  LIFEPAK CR2 AED Lithium Battery
•  Owners Manual
•  USB Cable
•  8 Year Warranty from Physio-Control
•  FREE AED Physician's Prescription
•  FREE Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
•  FREE AED Check Tags
•  FREE AED Window Decal
•  FREE Ground Shipping via FedEx


Options = Semi Auto or Fully Automatic. (we will not charge you extra for either one...same price)

Unit comes with a Handle.  The Actual Carry Case is $75 extra (Let us know if you want that and we can include that in your order)

Bilingual option available. Toggle between two pre-set languages during a rescue.