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Philips, Zoll, Medtronic, Cardiac Science, Heartsine Samaritan and Defibtech AED Distribution and referral program:
We currently are providing a referral program to CPR training centers. We offer this AED Referral program for Philips, Zoll, Medtronic, Powerheart, Samaritan and Defibtech aeds. Go to our AED Store to see all the prices. Teach a class or set up an AED training with one of your clients, then email or call us (Your client should have medical direction in the use and maintenance of your aed program).
If someone purchases an aed from us, you will receive a check for at least $75 for each aed sold. This referral fee increases if they buy other products, trainers, aed cabinets or supplies.

*Our AED Store link at the top has the current pricing (extended price) for your customers.
If you want to purchase multiple units, please contact us.